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Madden NFL 2003 - Playstation 2

by Ea Sports
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  • Control every in-depth aspect of the game.
  • Utilize new game modes that help develop critical football related skills.
  • See and use new animations that help change the way you play the game.

Product description

EA heralds the return of the king as one of the greatest football titles in history returns for another year of hard-hitting gridiron action. Put on your pads and helmets and get out on the gridiron; this is going to be the game of your life. Madden NFL 2003 may well be the competitive standard for interactive football gaming, and it's going to be a very big year for football fans and video gamers everywhere!

Madden NFL 2003 comes with a whole host of online features: You can now meet, greet, chat, and play head-to-head against other gamers. You can also download updated player rosters throughout the season. Madden NFL 2003 features all-new play-by-play and analysis by John Madden and Al Michaels and new gameplay mechanics, including a faster game speed, tighter controls, quicker animations, and more finely tuned passing. You can also customize receiver routes, player formations, and your team's entire playbook.

SOCOM: US Navy Seals

by Playstation 2
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  • Highly intelligent AI helps you coordinate team tactics hiding, and smart weapon deployment -- but beware, the enemy has it too
  • Your men are trained to take on any mission, at any time -- and they will, in 16 deadly missions
  • Use the latest in handguns, assault and automatic rifles, grenade launchers, laser designators, explosives, remote controlled mines and night-vision equipment

Product description

Keep your feet wet and your powder dry. In SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, you are the elite SEAL commander of a team that has been called to fight terrorists in some of the most deadly operations ever. With more than 30 weapons, superior intelligence, intense training and unparalleled skills and tactical maneuvers at your disposal, you must protect freedom wherever it is in danger.

Protect America from enemy forces over sea, air, and land in SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. The game places you in the role of an elite SEAL commander whose team is asked to fight terrorists in 17 deadly missions within four real-world environments. With more than 30 weapons and unparalleled skills and tactical maneuvers at your disposal, you must annihilate those who dare challenge the U.S. Navy SEALs while completing your missions. SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs will ship with a USB microphone/headset, and will be online-enabled with a PS2 network adapter. The game offers 12 unique single-player missions and support for up to 16 players via the network adapter and a broadband connection.