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Madden NFL 2003 - Playstation 2

by Ea Sports
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  • Control every in-depth aspect of the game.
  • Take head-to-head competition to the next level.
  • Utilize new game modes that help develop critical football related skills.

Product description

EA heralds the return of the king as one of the greatest football titles in history returns for another year of hard-hitting gridiron action. Put on your pads and helmets and get out on the gridiron; this is going to be the game of your life. Madden NFL 2003 may well be the competitive standard for interactive football gaming, and it's going to be a very big year for football fans and video gamers everywhere!

Madden NFL 2003 comes with a whole host of online features: You can now meet, greet, chat, and play head-to-head against other gamers. You can also download updated player rosters throughout the season. Madden NFL 2003 features all-new play-by-play and analysis by John Madden and Al Michaels and new gameplay mechanics, including a faster game speed, tighter controls, quicker animations, and more finely tuned passing. You can also customize receiver routes, player formations, and your team's entire playbook.