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OmeGod Paracord Shoelace, 7-Strand 550 Paracord Shoelace with Fire-Starter + Scraper, Sturdy to Use, Convenient to Walk with, A Great Must-Have Emergency Survival Kit for Camping, Hiking (Black)

by OmeGod
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  • SCRAPER. The scraper is not only can be used to set up a fire, but also can be used to cut rope, rattan, and even animal tendon.
  • PARACHUTE CORD. Made with 7 Strand 550 parachute cord, this OmeGod Paracord Survival Shoe laces is strong enough for you to use as a backup string of your camping shelter, to set up a trap and catch your food, or make your fishing line if needed.
  • WATERPROOF. Never worry about moisture keeping you from starting a life-saving fire in emergency. The magnesium rods are protected by waterproof rubber caps and you are worry free to set up a fire even you've walked in the brook.

Product description

Length: 140cm/ 55.12in
Weight: 35g/ 1.23oz
Quantity: 1 Pair/ 2 Laces

How to Start A Fire:
1. Remove the rubber cap from the magnesium rod;
2. Strike the rod with the scraper;
3. Watch the sparks fly and catch them in some tinder to build a raging fire.

Starting a fire with fire-starter need some skills and we suggest some practices.

Joyful Store Aluminum Foil Egg Tart Mold,Disposable Baking Circular Egg Tart Tins Mold Mould Makers Cake Cups-100pcs

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  • Made of 100% food grade aluminum foil which is safe for food use.
  • Suitable for baking cakes, pies, tarts, flans, cooking, broiling and more; safe for use in freezer and oven.
  • Heats food evenly; withstands temperatures of up to 500 Fahrenheit.

Product description

100% brand new and high quality
Non-toxic and eco-friendly material
Make a wonderful shape for your food
Perfect for making egg tart and other tart, pudding, mini cake

The French Kitchen


Food in France has always been about much more than mere sustenance. In a French home, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. More often than not it?s part of family history, with favorite recipes being handed down through many generations and remembered fondly at the table. In The French Kitchen, Chef Michel Roux Jr. presents this comprehensive guide to French cooking and that will delight everyone who?s gathered around the table. Regionality in cooking is paramount and fiercely defended. The classics are loved and equally sacrosanct. The classics are iconic for a number of reasons; in the The French Kitchen you?ll find 200 classics recipes (with a few of Michel?s tweaks here and there) to master French cooking. No topic is breezed over: and with chapters for soup, terrines and p?t?s, eggs and cheese, fish and shellfish, chicken, duck and game birds, meat, vegetables and salads, desserts, bread and croissants, and stocks and sauces. Find your favorite or try smoothing new in every chapter: cr?me vichyssoise or soupe de moules, jambon persill? or terrine de poisson, croque monsieur or tartiflette, bouillabaisse Marseillaise or calamars farcis au riz sauvage, poulet daughinois or faisan archiduc, boeuf bourguignon or carpaccio de chevreuil. Ratatouille or artichauts vinaigrette, marquise au chocolate or souffl? aux fraises. With these recipes and more, this stunning cookbook embraces the culinary alchemy of French food? ingredients sing and our hearts sing with them. Embrace the classic recipes for what they are, for the skills that are needed to cook them, for the love that we have for them and the immense pleasure they give.