Dessert Around Me

The Modern Jewish Table: 100 Kosher Recipes from around the Globe

by Skyhorse Publishing
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  • The Modern Jewish Table 100 Kosher Recipes from Around the Globe

Product description

Strap on your apron, reinvent tradition, and fill your Jewish kitchen with global flavors.

The Modern Jewish Table is the new, essential kosher cookbook for every Jewish home, whether you are a reluctant cook or a dedicated balabusta. Bringing their fun, upbeat, and infectious brand of energy to the kitchen, self-proclaimed Jewish Princesses Tracey Fine and Georgie Tarn don their high heels and aprons to revamp the kosher kitchen and raise the culinary bar. It’s no longer just chopped liver, chicken soup, and matzo bread; instead, learn to make Mock Chopped Liver, Sephardi Saffron Chicken Soup, and Princess Pitta Bread!

Writing from the point of view of the average home cook, the Jewish Princesses dish out their witty know-how and inspire amateur cooks to create simple and hip recipes, with all the short cuts included, even as they entice professional” home cooks to revitalize traditional Jewish fare with uniquely global flavors. Learn to make delightful pareve desserts and meals fit for a Passover feast, as well as:

Street Food Gefilte Fish Bites
Crème Fraiche Vegetable Latkes
Cohen-Tucky Baked Chicken
Princess Pad Thai
Kunafa Middle Eastern Cheese Cake
Cuban Sweet Corn Soufflé, and more!

Complete with stunning photography, outrageous tips, and a dash of chutzpah, The Modern Jewish Table introduces innovative dishes that will soon become Jewish traditions for the future.

OmeGod Paracord Shoelace, 7-Strand 550 Paracord Shoelace with Fire-Starter + Scraper, Sturdy to Use, Convenient to Walk with, A Great Must-Have Emergency Survival Kit for Camping, Hiking (Black)

by OmeGod
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  • PARACHUTE CORD. Made with 7 Strand 550 parachute cord, this OmeGod Paracord Survival Shoe laces is strong enough for you to use as a backup string of your camping shelter, to set up a trap and catch your food, or make your fishing line if needed.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT. When going out for hiking, camping, or climbing mountains, the lighter things you take with, the better. And this OmeGod Paracord Survival Shoelace will on one hand light weight your outdoor redundancy, and on another hand enrich their functions.
  • FIRE STARTER. With TWO Magnesium Rod at both side of the shoelace, you are worry free that your fire starter doesn't spark. Use the scraper to strike the magnesium rod and you will get the life-saving fire in the wildness.

Product description

Length: 140cm/ 55.12in
Weight: 35g/ 1.23oz
Quantity: 1 Pair/ 2 Laces

How to Start A Fire:
1. Remove the rubber cap from the magnesium rod;
2. Strike the rod with the scraper;
3. Watch the sparks fly and catch them in some tinder to build a raging fire.

Starting a fire with fire-starter need some skills and we suggest some practices.