Dessert Around Me

Lil' Artist Birthday Party Dessert Plates & Beverage Napkins Party Kit for 8

by Fun Express
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  • Lil' Artist Paper Plates and Napkins
  • 16 Pack Beverage Napkins
  • 8 Pack Dessert Plates

Product description

Featuring a bright paint brush and paint splatter illustration, these Artist Party Beverage Napkins are perfect for your petite Picasso's birthday party. Each palette-shaped paper plate features a thumb hole to easily cart your artsy hors d'oeuvres around!

OmeGod Paracord Shoelace, 7-Strand 550 Paracord Shoelace with Fire-Starter + Scraper, Sturdy to Use, Convenient to Walk with, A Great Must-Have Emergency Survival Kit for Camping, Hiking (Black)

by OmeGod
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  • FIRE STARTER. With TWO Magnesium Rod at both side of the shoelace, you are worry free that your fire starter doesn't spark. Use the scraper to strike the magnesium rod and you will get the life-saving fire in the wildness.
  • PARACHUTE CORD. Made with 7 Strand 550 parachute cord, this OmeGod Paracord Survival Shoe laces is strong enough for you to use as a backup string of your camping shelter, to set up a trap and catch your food, or make your fishing line if needed.
  • SCRAPER. The scraper is not only can be used to set up a fire, but also can be used to cut rope, rattan, and even animal tendon.

Product description

Length: 140cm/ 55.12in
Weight: 35g/ 1.23oz
Quantity: 1 Pair/ 2 Laces

How to Start A Fire:
1. Remove the rubber cap from the magnesium rod;
2. Strike the rod with the scraper;
3. Watch the sparks fly and catch them in some tinder to build a raging fire.

Starting a fire with fire-starter need some skills and we suggest some practices.

Let Me Eat Cake
Let Me Eat Cake


Few creations are more associated with joy or more symbolic of the sweet life than cake. After all, it is so much more than dessert. As a book about cake would demand, this one is a multilayered, amply frosted, delicious concoction with a slice (or more) for everyone. Let Me Eat Cake is not a book about baking cake, but about eating it. Author Leslie F. Miller embarks on a journey (not a journey cake, although it's in there) into the moist white underbelly of the cake world. She visits factories and local bakeries and wedding cake boutiques. She interviews famous chefs like Duff Goldman of Food Network's Ace of Cakes and less famous ones like Roland Winbeckler, who sculpts life-size human figures out of hundreds of pounds of pound cake and buttercream frosting. She takes decorating classes, shares recipes, and samples the best cakes and the worst. The book is held together by the hero on a quest, one that traces cake history and tradition. If we were to bake a cake to celebrate the birth of cake (cake is an Old Norse word, first used around 1230), it is hard to say how many candles would go on top. Though the meaning of the word (originally lump of something), not to mention our expectations of its ingredients, has changed over time, we now celebrate cake as the coming together of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, and a pinch of salt. And what a celebration. Baking a cake is hard work, but tasting it is pure pleasure. So put on some elastic-waist pants and grab a fork.