Bird Feeders Colorado

For the Birds: Creating a Sanctuary: A Guide to Feeding, Housing and Watching Our Feathered Companions

by Meredith Books
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Product description

Presents information on attracting and sheltering birds, including landscaping ideas, plans and instructions for building birdhouses and feeders, facts about 29 popular American birds, and photographs of creative and whimsical birdhouses

Bathroom Storage & Organisation - Seamless Sution Cup Hook Bathroom Accessories Clasps Single Stainless Steel Hook Hanger - Suction Cup Hooks For Shower Window Cups Strong Glass - 1PCs

by Unknown
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Product description

Description :
Seamless Sution Cup Hook Bathroom Accessories Clasps Single Hook Hanger

Features :

The suction cup is suitable for most wall surfaces : it can be adhered to rough surfaces (smooth tiles, rough tiles, painted wood doors, glass, frosted glass, stainless steel and other impervious surfaces)

Be arbitrarily replaced Installation location : after suction cup cleaning, adsorption layer drying,
you can re-use it at any time and any place.

Fast installation : the suction cup adsorpted on the wall, press the exclusion of air, screw the cover 90 degrees can be locked fixed, without any tools,without any drilling wall.

Durable load-bearing can be more than 5 years : useing self-adhesive adsorption layer,with strong suction, anti-aging, waterproof and moisture-proof, laboratory tests, it can maintain adsorption for more than 5 years.

A single suction cup bearing 5KG : with the third generation of vacuum suction technology, substantial increaseing the absorption layer and the wall of the vacuum, the long-lasting suction force is better than the second generation sucker.

Package Includes :
1 x Sution Cup Hook

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