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Bird Feeder Guide How to Attract and Identify

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Product description

"Delightful color gallery of bird structures that are truly works of art!"--Country Decorating Ideas. "Complete plans and detailed instructions for building fascinating bird feeders, birdhouses and bird baths...range from the practical to the outrageous. In addition, there is advice on feeding, mounting,
siting...and preventing predators."--Women's Circle.

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Town Board approves wildlife protection ordinance 09/09/15, via Estes Park Trail-Gazette

Bird feeders are allowed, but from April 1 and Dec. 1, all bird feeders must be suspended by a cable or other device high enough so they're out of reach of bears, Kufeld mentioned. The language of the violation section of the ordinance was simplified

Wild birds are dying from Salmonella 08/21/15, via The Daily Planet

Nate Seward of Colorado Parks and Wildlife said, “Ceasing bird feeding in the Paonia area is good, even appropriate, but I also believe that if everyone feeding the birds cleans their feeders and feeding areas of infected droppings, we won't see a 

Gray Fox in Birdfeeder ░⌂ ░⌂ ░⌂ ░⌂ Ƣݔҩᾫ٨ӷ quaoar

The Gray Fox, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, in Buffalo Creek, Colorado. I presume the fox is eating that and not the bird seed.


The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado

The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado

Published by Big Earth Publishing 2015

ISBN 1555662625,9781555662622
274 pages

The West is changing, and these days natives and newcomers alike need a lot of basic information to cope with issues that arise from increasing population and changing land-use regulations on both the local and federal levels.The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado is an essential resource for anyone living in Colorado today. Arising from a seminar organized by the authors in Durango, this valuable collection features articles by some thirty-five expert contributors, ranging from builders to lawyers to land-use specialists and more. The book focuses on land stewardship; basics of Colorado law; working with local governments; issues of recreation, public lands, and tribal lands; protecting our western heritage; and avoiding and resolving problems.In Colorado, at the turn of the 21st...

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Gail in the Garden: The importance of trees in your life - 09/09/15, via Cortez Journal

It provides a convenient place to hang the bird feeders each winter. It's covered with beautiful pink blooms each spring that reminds us that, in spite of some pretty tough winters, summer always returns to Colorado. The glorious colors of fall are one of ...

Chance to see inside eco-friendly PassivHaus house during Cheltenham Green Doors weekend - 09/09/15, via Southwest Business

The garden is Julia’s domain with bird-feeder, a hornbeam screen for privacy, vegetable beds and large composting station. Julia, 63, said: “All the rainwater that comes off the roof is harvested into a tank under the patio and that’s then pumped to ...

Town Board approves wildlife protection ordinance - 09/08/15, via Estes Park Trail Gazette

The ordinance has been a work in progress for the Bear Education Task Force, which consists of local citizens, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Parks and Wildlife ... Stricter regulations on bird feeders were also taken out of the final draft.


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Hummingbird feeder at dusk
Hummingbird feeder at dusk
Estes Park, Colorado, June 20, 2015 (by Kent Kanouse)
Photo by Snap Man on Flickr
Abert's Towhee on feeder
Abert's Towhee on feeder
Abert's Towhee ( Pipilo aberti) observed at the Sonny Bono HQ at the Salton Sea, California. Image - Copyright 2013 Alan Vernon
Photo by Alan Vernon. on Flickr
Since spring is here, I have been out bird watching. I love the little red finch on top of the bird feeder!
Photo by lePhotography on Flickr
Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders
Park, Colorado Took this last fall--the Elk raid the bird feeders ...
Park, Colorado Took this last fall--the Elk raid the bird feeders ...
Image by
Pictures of State Birds
Pictures of State Birds