tree Troll Sculpture

Hobbit Gateway (The Magical Doorway) Ideal for Garden Walls - Bottom of Trees

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  • Ideal For the Bottom of Trees and can also be placed on Skirting Boards
  • Made From Solid Resin
  • Secret Hobbit Gateway - Let Your Secret Friends in!

Product description

This Delightful garden ornament can be used in pots, Balconies, against trees and even indoors on skirting boards. It will give your children Hours of endless fun. Where will you place yours?

Misfit Trolls 24151 Tree Troll Figurine, Medium, Brown/Grey

by Misfit Trolls
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  • All of our products are handcrafted from the finest material and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • We recommend that all products (metal, fabric, wood, cement, resin,) placed outdoors be sprayed each year with a clear coat of Sunguard UV Garden Decor protection spray to preserve their original appearance and to extend the life of your garden friends
  • Weather resistant Polyresn for strong durability and longevity

Product description

Trolls are as old as time. Sadly, they have spent eternity in the shadows with only a precious few sightings. You can help that end today. As "Misfits" they are not mean, nasty, or eat little children like other trolls are said to be, they are silly, funny, and love those children.