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by Harper Perennial
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Bestselling author Bernard Cornwell takes us back four thousand years, to a vibrant world of ritual and sacrifice that is at once timeless and wholly original. This historical novel unlocks the mystery of Britain's most haunting and puzzling structure, and tells a tale of three brothers—fierce rivals—who are uneasily united in their quest to create a temple to their gods. Lengar, the eldest brother, kills his own father to become chief of his tribe. Camaban, the illegitimate middle brother, is determined to have a massive temple built in his own honor. And Saban, the youngest, who actually builds Stonehenge, must act as mediator between the other two. Stonehenge is the enthrallingly dramatic story of patricide, betrayal, and murder; of bloody brotherly rivalry; and of the never-ending quest for power, wealth, and spiritual fulfillment.

Stonehenge England Monument Business Credit Card Holder Case

by Made on Terra
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  • Measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/4" x 1/4"
  • Fits standard business and credit cards
  • Made of metal with a resin top-coat

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You make a new acquaintance and when he finally asks for your contact info, you dramatically pull out your crazy awesome Made on Terra business card holder and open it slowly... just baiting him to ask where you got it. He takes the bait and you demurely let him in on your little secret. Then you hand over one of the cards you made with your home printer. Now all you need is a job...