Triathlon 2 Piece Suits

SLS3 Womens Triathlon Tri Race Suit - 1 Pocket Skinsuit Trisuit (Black/Blue, M)

by SLS3
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  • ✅ ULTIMATE COOL: Made of a super-comfortable nylon/spandex mix, your SLS3 Women Tri-Suit wicks sweat, then evaporates it FAST, to keep you cool & dry.
  • ✅ POCKET: Thanks to spacious back pocket, your nourishment is always handy. Reach easily to grab your energy gels, bars & chews.
  • ✅ PERFECT PADDING FOR CYCLING & RUNNING: Our custom foam-cushioned pad provides chafe-free support throughout your entire bike ride. Plus, it's so light & slim you won`t even notice it is there and it won`t give you the feeling like running in a wet diaper.

Product description

On race day you need a one-piece trisuit you don't have to think about -- your go-to triathlon suit. We've got you covered. Our womens tri suit is designed with your needs in mind so you can perform your best. All our seams are anti-friction and flat allowing you to compete without the burn of under-arm chafing. And whether you're swimming, riding or running, your trisuit will stay in place due to the soft leg finish. We created this trisuit specifically for women and eliminated the built-in shelf bra, understanding that every woman has a unique shape. You can wear the sports bra of your choice under our suit - BYOB (Bring your own Bra). After all, you know the sports bra that fits you best. You'll find the racer-back style gives you complete range of motion while also flattering the shape of your shoulders and back. And a pocket in the center-back of the triathlon suit gives you easy access to your race snacks and gels. We also use a high-quality tri-suit fabric that provides UV protection, feels luxurious against your skin and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable. The fabric forms to your body shape without feeling restrictive. And the "second skin," moisture-wicking feature aids in evaporation, helping keep your body cool for optimal performance. PLEASE NOTE: The white fabric will be see through when wet.

Isafish Camo Spearfishing Wetsuits for Man Two-Pieces Design Premium Neoprene 3mm with Super Stretch Armpit for Diving Snorkeling Swimming Fishing Mimetic Camouflage Freediving Full Wetsuit Size XL

by Isafish
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  • 3MM: Three-millimeter-thick neoprene provides ample thermal protection and defense against sea lice, jellies and other biological irritants.
  • Material: neoprene SCR laminating nylon fabric inside super strech fabric outside
  • Base Layer: Sport skin increases warmth and also makes it easier to slip into neoprene suits.

Product description


This unique wet suit is made to make you feel comfortable & safe over AND under water.

Its soft Neoprene Fabric keeps your suit softly applied on your body, without suffocating your neck or your wrists.

Lightweight & strong - all you need to dive safely into the water and surf with no worries aobut the suit being damaged in any way.

Remain Warm Underwater - Free Dive without Chills - Be Safe From Sunburns and able to withstand high pressure& colder environments.

Fear no more of harmful sun rays - the wet suit protects you from sunburn no matter how long you stay in the sun.

Style:3MM Split two piece suit

Design:Pattern printing

Weight:4 Pounds

Material:80% Diving cloth + 20% nylon

Package Includes: 1*Two-piece Suit


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