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Tourism on the rise in Santa Rosa 01/11/15, via Pensacola News Journal

Jack Sanborn, owner of Adventures Unlimited in Milton, said he has seen steady tourism growth in recent years, attributing it to both the county's increased marketing and promotion and the addition of the outdoor center's canopy zip-line tour, which he

Restore Your Shore to battle blue green algae 07/09/15, via

“If you have trees or shrubs… they create a canopy and they catch the rain,” she said. “Then the water isn't so apt to just run directly across the lawn or across the slope and into the water because the plants that are there will help protect it

Super Slo-Motion Parachute Canopy deployment - Triathlon 99 with a Vampire 4 Wingsuit

this is my canopy deployment at 20% speed from today. Just a fun video to show my deploying canopy on a random wingsuit flight.

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Bude Triathlon win for Bristol Bad Tri's Simon Thornton - 06/27/14, via North Devon Journal

IT is not everyone’s idea of a relaxing holiday but Simon Thornton enjoyed his break in Bude by winning the Shoreline Triathlon. Nearly 190 competitors braved baking heat on Sunday afternoon and took on the challenging North Cornwall course. Thornton ...


  1. Triathlon by Aerodyne Research Corporation - The 1st canopy I have owned, I was jumping a pilot 190 before this and I found the 175 Triathlon much more responsive, more agile and a lot more fun.
  2. Triathlon 190 for sale : : Skydiving Classifieds Triathlon 190 for sale - Buy and sell skydiving gear through the largest and most active skydiving classifieds online. Complete Systems, Main Parachutes, AADs ...
  3. Aerodyne : Triathlon Multipurpose Main Canopy Available sizes: 99, 120, 135, 150, 160, 175, 190 ... The Triathlon is a user-friendly parachute with ... reason the Triathlon is the canopy of choice for the world ...
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