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Yourtablecloth Heavy Duty Flannel Backed Round Vinyl Tablecloth – 6 Gauge Thickness, Indoor and Outdoor & Easy to Clean 60” White

by Yourtablecloth
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  • VERSATILE & HIGH PERFORMANCE - Whether you want to use it for protecting tables of a roof top café, for casual outdoor dining, for ease of cleaning at a restaurant, or at any other event, these weather-proof tablecloths (round) protect furniture against sudden whims of weather, and can be cleaned easily with a simple swipe of a damp cloth or sponge.
  • BEST ROUND TABLECLOTH - Tables can be protected using many tablecloths but finding a tablecloth that offers a fine balance of functional effectiveness, visual appeal, and ease of cleaning is a daunting task - our round vinyl tablecloth boasts all these features in a single design and makes life easy for you.
  • STRONG, DURABLE & EFFECTIVE - 6 Gauge thickness, neatly done edges and flannel backing impart it a durable build that's sure to last for way longer. The heavy-duty flannel backed vinyl cloth stay firmly in place and offers a non-slip grip on almost all surfaces, and sufficient thickness ensures protection of furniture against scratches, moisture, dust, dirt and other possible damaging elements.

Product description

Perfect tablecloths for your round table, which offer desirable protection, firmly stay put on table using a non-slip backing, get cleaned almost effortlessly & offer premium look and feel.


- Water resistant character of vinyl prevents water from reaching to the table surface - never again worry about spills or splashes
- Parents don't have to worry about everyday mess created by kids, and restaurant owners can enjoy almost negligible maintenance, and also happy customers as this reduces cleanup times significantly - wipes clean with a damp cloth
- 6 gauge thickness proves effective in preventing scratches and works in conjunction with flannel backing to enhance the non-slip character of the tablecloth
- Durable build and superior quality finish that is sure to last for a lifetime

NOTE - Tablecloths over 54" will be side seamed.


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

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Yourtablecloth Heavy Duty Vinyl Rectangle or Square Tablecloth – 6 Gauge Heavy Duty Tablecloth – Flannel Backed – Wipeable Tablecloth with vivid colors & many sizes 52 x 90 White

by Yourtablecloth
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  • ENHANCED AESTHETICS - Designed to add to the aesthetic appeal of any place, our vinyl table covers are available in a range of vivid colors, shapes (rectangular, or square), and sizes to help you match interiors of your place, and to ensure sharp and impressive decor - a perfect size for your table could make a huge difference. Choose appropriately from above options.
  • EASY TO USE - Unlike fancy cloth tablecloths or covers which are extremely difficult to clean and prove impractical for homes with children, large family get togethers or for hosting guests, commercial spaces like restaurants, canteens, etc., and even for outdoor dining where unpredictable weather poses a risk, our vinyl table covers offer an unbeatable choice - Wipe Clean in a breeze with a damp cloth, and the flannel backing ensures a NON-SLIP & NON-SKID Design!
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION - Protect your expensive new tables to prolong their life or breathe life into an old table to make use of inherited furniture - our tablecloths come in heavy duty 6.0 gauge thickness, and prevent damage to the surface that could occur from spills, and scratches. The table cloth boasts a water resistant build and prevents leak through of moisture to the table.

Product description

A good tablecloth could make a huge difference - to the life of your table, aesthetic appeal of your place, ease of cleaning, and worry-free serving and dining.


-Enjoy the freedom to choose from a range of popular sizes, color options and shapes - finding a perfect match isn't that difficult after all
-Heavy duty 6 gauge tablecloth with flannel back - stays firmly in place - Non-Slip and Non-Skid Design ensures a frustration-free experience for you as well as the guests
-Spread effortlessly on a table and fold flat conveniently when not in use
-Versatile - Ideal for restaurants, home, outdoor dining, canteens and other catering facilities
-Wipes clean with a simple damp rag and thus reduces your maintenance efforts - a cloth table cover on the contrary requires regular laundering, which could be laborious or expensive
-Neatly done edges ensure high wear and tear resistance
-Durable build that is sure to last for way longer


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

NOTE - Please note that tablecloths over 54" size will be seamed.

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