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Crocheted and tatted edgings, tatted luncheon set, crocheted and tatted cross book marks, tatted doily party set, crocheted doilies, tatted petal doily, tatted tablecloth.

Fennco Styles Handmade All-over Tatting Lace Tablecloth 100% Cotton (4" Round Doily, White)

by Fennco Styles
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  • different sizes and colors available
  • This beautiful round shaped tatted lace doily set is done in the vintage style with hand crocheted floral pattern
  • machine washable

Product description

This beautiful round shaped tatted lace doily set is done in the vintage style with hand crocheted floral pattern. Made of 100% cotton.Machine Washable.

Tatting - Victorian Trellis Doily, Using Victorian Sets and Defy Rings


This is a doily I am currently working on in which Victorian sets and jeer at rings are used. Victorian sets are made of x number of the 1st half of the double.

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Tat Topic Pattern Tatted Tablecloth Motif
Tat Topic Pattern Tatted Tablecloth Motif
Image by uk.ebid.net
The beginnings of a tatted tablecloth...
The beginnings of a tatted tablecloth...