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Dark Purple Plastic Tablecloth, 108" x 54"

by Unique Industries, Inc. - kitchen
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  • Dark Purple Plastic Table Cover measures 54" x 108"
  • Protects your party table against spills and stains
  • Search for other Deep Purple party supplies, Deep Purple tableware, or any other solid color tableware from Unique

Product description

Your party table will be dressed for success with our Deep Purple Plastic Table Cover! This Deep Purple Table Cover is a convenient way to protect your table from stains and spills while adding beautiful, rich color to your table setting for any special occasion. Our Dark Purple Table Cover measures 54" X 108" and coordinates with our other dark purple tableware or any solid color party supplies!.

SPJ: Mahjong Game Table Cloth Cover Asian Design Mat Prevent Scratches Sound Deadening 30 "x 30"

by SPJ
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  • Please use also as a stylish interior, such as the living room.
  • Size: 30 inches (76 cm) square / Thickness: 4 ~ 5mm
  • Mahjong table cloth, sound deadening mat

Product description


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Necessities of mah-jongg games at home!
Household Mahjong mat is light and durable.
It can only be in the for immediate use broaden to the table.
You can game to be well smooth slip of mah-jongg tiles.
Prevent flaws of the table and tiles, also reduces the large noisy sound.

Mahjong history
• The history of mahjong is old, the birthplace of mah-jongg is China.

• With a thousand years of history "Machao (paper pai)" is the beginning of the mah-jongg game.

• Around 140 years ago, Machao has been improved in the form of the now of mah-jongg tiles.

• End of Qing Dynasty in China in the era, port city, in the land of Zhejiang Ningbo (Ninpou) is said to have finished in the form of now of mah-jongg.

• China of 140 years Mahjong was born before, at the time that was being directed from long seclusion in the opening of the country, a lot of foreigners in Ningbo and Shanghai had been stationed.

• Immediately look like mah-jongg is entertained between them foreigners, and eventually Europe, the US and Japan through them, was transmitted to the world at large, such as Asian countries.

• Americans of J.P. Babcock is a direct trigger that started the export of Mahjong tiles in Europe and North America in 1919, now to see the explosive epidemic in many parts of the world in the 1920s.

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