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ETECHMART Clear PVC Table Top Protector 1.5mm Thick Multi Size 24 x 48 Inches

Price: $29.89 Buy Now

  • ETECHMART eco-friendly PVC sheets, SGS authenticated of high tenacity, stability, heat resistance (up to 160°F/70°C), are built to last a long life span.
  • Ideal for most tables - for SMOOTH AND POLISHED SURFACES such as stoving varnished, marble or glass tops, please use FROSTED COVER instead to avoid watermarks and air bubbles.
  • ATTN: We usually cut a bit larger than actual size to avoid shrinkage caused by cutting or packing in shipping, hence slight size difference is not qualified as a quality issue.

Product description

If you want a fast way to protect your table tops, this Vinyl/PVC cover is a good choice.

*Effectively protects your table top or tablecloth from daily wear and tear or your naughty kids!
*Shows the beauty of your own table or tablecloth
*Eco-friendly level PVC, formaldehyde-free and phthalate-free
*Low maintenance, waterproof and wipe clean
*Non slip, grips the surface and stay in place
*Firm yet elastic, easy to pack up and recover

2 Ways to get your customized table protector:

1. Select a similar size and cut it by yourself on arrival.
(You can simply trim the cover with your sharp kitchen scissors or knives and create DIY works with the leftovers.)
2. Inquire the seller ahead of order and get an exclusive link.

[ATTENTION]: Customization is NOT available for Prime Orders.

Customization Options:

*SHAPE - Round, Rectangular, Square, Oval etc.
*SIZE - Most sizes
*TYPE - Clear, Frosted
*THICKNESS: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm
2.0mm is the best thickness recommended for kitchen and dining room where is highly likely to contact with heat.;
1.5mm is moderate for all furniture such as writing desks, counters, night stands, conference desks etc.;
Pick up 3.0mm if you need excessive protection for your furniture.

Get access to office desk pad:

LinenTablecloth 6 ft. Fitted Polyester Tablecloth Black

by LinenTablecloth
List price: $19.99 Price: $13.45 Buy Now

  • Tablecloth Black;
  • New; Free Shipping
  • Linentableclot<

Product description

Linentablecloth 6 Ft. Fitted Polyester Tablecloth Black; New; Free Shipping

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