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90 Inch Round Navy Blue Tablecloth

90 Inch Round Navy Blue Tablecloth

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LinenTablecloth 90-Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth Navy Blue

by LinenTablecloth
List price: $11.99 Price: $10.56 Buy Now

  • 90 in. diameter
  • Stain & wrinkle resistant, machine washable
  • Serged edges

Product description

Our 90 inch round polyester tablecloth in navy blue is an affordable table cover guaranteed to add a touch of class and elegance to any wedding or special event. Our round tablecloth features a seamless design and a serged hem making it ideal for use at any wedding venue. Round tablecloths are available in a wide array of colors designed to complement nearly any color scheme. Our tablecloths are made of woven polyester and are designed to be durable, wrinkle and stain resistant, and can be laundered countless times.

Why rent round tablecloths when you can buy them at a cheaper price? We sell tablecloths for less!

VEEYOO 90 inch Round Solid Polyester Wedding Restaurant Party Tablecloth, White

Price: $9.99 Buy Now

  • Made from durable, stain and wrinkle resistant 100% polyester material
  • Measures 90 inches in diameter
  • Machine wash, cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Lightly iron if necessary.

Product description

Brand new with high quality
Brand VEEYOO, 100% Polyester durable, stain and wrinkle resistant

Easy care
Hand wash, easy machine wash in cold water, line dry recommended to avoid shrinkage

Elegant look
Seamless one-piece design, neatly finished edge for an elegant look, timeless style of solid color, dressing the table with effortless elegance every time.

Best choice
Polyester is an efficient and economical choice for a tablecloth, it can easily be used at weddings, restaurant, party, events, or even your home! An advantage to using Polyester is that it's extremely versatile and can be dressed up for an ultimate glam event, dressed down for a low key chic rustic wedding, and can even be used as a clean and modern look for a minimalist event!

Size tip
Knowing the correct tablecloth sizes for the tables is of utmost importance before you place an order. Do you like a half, full, or puddle drop? In general, a full drop is regarded as a very formal look while the half drop is considered more casual. A puddle drop can be amazingly elegant, depending on the setting and mood you're trying to convey. Want to size your tablecloths the easy way? Please refer to our tablecloth sizing chart on the picture.

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90-inch Round Polyester Tablecloth

A 90" round polyester tablecloth is your most cost-effective choice if your event will be using 60" round tables, the most common round table used in reception a.

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