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BalsaCircle 120" Round Polyester Tablecloth Wedding Table Linens - White

by BalsaCircle
Price: $7.22 Buy Now

  • Pair this with other BalsaCircle decorations, such as backdrops, chair covers, centerpieces, lighting, DIY craft supplies and fabrics.
  • Brand New Condition.
  • Brand New Condition. To ensure quality, please make sure your purchase is made from Balsa Circle. All orders are shipped from California.

Product description

Decorate your tables with our lovely Brand New Polyester Round Tablecloths!

Whether it's a grand party or just a social gathering with friend and family, our table covers will be perfect for your event. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Additional Information:
* Each Tablecloth measures 120" in diameter.
* Material: 100% Polyester, stain and wrinkle resistant.
* Each order is for 1 tablecloth.
* Each tablecloth is 1 piece, seamless design.
* Edges are folded and then hemmed.
* Sizing: This tablecloths will give you a 24" overhang on a 6 feet wide round table.
PLEASE NOTE: The colors of products when viewed on your computer monitor may appear different than the actual color of the merchandise. We make every attempt to give you a good representation of the available colors for each product sold, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact match. Dye lot variance of 1 to 2 shades is considered normal.

Efavormart White 120" Round Polyester Tablecloth

Price: $6.69 Buy Now

  • Material: Polyester Approximate Measurements: Diameter - 120" Seamless, 1pc design.
  • Brand New Condition
  • Order over $35 eligible for FREE SHIPPING,combine with any Efavormart items

Product description

Premium Tablecloth Our NEW Premium Line has the same, no hassle design as all our other tablecloths! Simply open the package, put over your table and done. Not to mention, it looks great! It looks graceful! And youve saved yourself so much time from ironing or getting an iron. So if youre willing to spend a little extra for something you no doubt will want to use many times over due to its quality and sheik style, then this tablecloth is definitely calling your name. So try it out and put together an exclusive-looking event in record time. Additional Info: Material: 220GSM Premium Polyester Wrinkle Resistant, Stain resistant. How to Care: Warm water wash. Low temp dry. Can be reused again and again, easily over 100 times. Seamless, 1pc design.

120-inch Round Polyester Tablecloth

An introduction to LinenTablecloth. com's 120-inch round polyester tablecloths -- right for weddings, upscale events and corporate functions.

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Details about 120 Inch Round - Snowy - 120 Inch Round Tablecloths
Details about 120 Inch Round - Snowy - 120 Inch Round Tablecloths
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120 in. Round tablecloth on 60 in. Round listing
120 in. Round tablecloth on 60 in. Round listing
Details about 120 Inch Round - Turquoise - 120 Inch Round Tablecloths
Details about 120 Inch Round - Turquoise - 120 Inch Round Tablecloths
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