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Yourtablecloth Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Round Fitted Tablecloth (Table Cover) Elasticized Tablecloth Great for protecting your fine tables and table linen 36”

by Yourtablecloth
Price: $19.99 Buy Now

  • ELEGANCE & CLASS - Give a professional appeal to your space or add vibrance to outside dining or commercial spaces - Our wipeable tablecloth or elastic tablecloth is ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes, patios, home, canteens, and other catering facilities. Available in many sizes to let you choose the best match for your table, interior or space.
  • NO ACCIDENTAL DISPLACEMENTS - Let notorious children play at the table without worrying about them accidentally pulling or displacing the tablecloth, which could otherwise damage your expensive cutlery and also result in an embarrassing situation, in addition to the unwanted mess. Our heavy duty clear fitted vinyl tablecloths come with elastic edges, firmly fit your table, and offer a frustration free dining experience.
  • NEGLIGIBLE MAINTENANCE - Wipe it clean just by swiping a damp cloth - no washing or ironing after every use, or similar other complicated maintenance needs. It makes your life easier and serves its intended purpose efficiently. Let children spill drinks, drop morsels or food crumbles at home yet have the table cleaned just in a blink, let customers wait no more than a few seconds before you clean the mess caused by previous customer, and let yourself be more comfortable.

Product description

The furniture life and your fine table linens can last longer by several years, and even make everyday cleanups almost effortless and hassle-free - our clear heavy duty round fitted tablecloths offer a perfect fit & stay firmly in place.


- Got kids or expecting unruly guests? Fitted tablecloths may save you a lot of trouble - eliminate risk of accidentally pulling a tablecloth, scratching your table or spilling water, etc. directly on the table
- Water resistant character of the vinyl prevents any water from passing through to the table - thus preventing any damage to your furniture from moisture
- Enjoy your fine table linens and beautiful tables by protecting them with a clear vinyl tablecloth while seeing your beautiful table and or table linens underneath

- Great material that wipes cleans in a breeze and that too almost effortlessly
- Superior quality ensures that its clear vinyl & elastic remains new-like and it continues to perform its function effectively in the long run
- Ideal choice for home, outdoor dining, picnics restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc.

NOTE - The fitted tablecloth should be the same size as the diameter of the table. For example 36" Fitted Tablecloth fits 36" Table. Fitted tablecloth fits table lip up to an inch. Please note that tablecloths over 54" size will be seamed.


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice?

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Table Cloth Round 36" to 48" Elastic Edge Fitted Vinyl Table Cover Maple Wood Pattern Brown Tan

by Sperry MFG
Price: $29.89 Buy Now

  • Don't buy a new table-just a new table cover
  • Stretches to fit any patio table 36" to 48"
  • The color is in it not on it

Product description

The color is in it not on it. Has no inks, no dyes, and no coatings. It is tough and attractive. Use it to for eating outside or for card games or just to protect. Children won't be able to grab and pull.

How to Set up A Round Fitted Vinyl Tablecloth

This video is for a elastic tailored tablecloth for everyday and holidays.

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