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Kwik-Covers Rectangular Fitted Plastic Table Covers, 6' x 30" (6 Feet), Red, White, Blue

by Kwik-Covers
Price: $25.00 Buy Now

  • Kwik-Covers table covers are 3 mils thick
  • Will cover table edge up to 2.5 inches thick
  • Bundle includes 1 Red, 1 White, and 1 Royal Blue table cover

Product description

6' x 30" Kwik-Cover is a lightweight, elastic fitted vinyl table cover with specially-designed elastic edging that holds the cover in place, even in the wind. Kwik-Covers include a 4" self-adhesive tape strip along the length of each side for added support. Kwik-Covers are durable enough to be re-used, yet affordable enough to be disposed of after a single use making clean-up "a snap!"

Creative Converting Plastic Stay Put Banquet Table Cover, 29 by 72-Inch, Royal Blue

by Creative Converting
Price: $4.49 Buy Now

  • Fits standard 6-Foot long banquet table - 29 x 72-Inches
  • Plastic table cover in classic royal blue
  • Stay-put design means no more blowing in the breeze or shifting when people move from the table

Product description

No more blowing up in the breeze or shifting when people move, this 29 x 72-Inch rectangle table cover with stay-put elastic remains in place for all your indoor or outdoor entertaining! Convenient and disposable plastic table cover is elasticized all the way around, even at the corners for a secure fit. Great for picnic tables and banquet tables since extra deep pockets fit surfaces with edges up to 2.5-Inches thick. 29 x 72 size fits a standard 6-foot banquet table and includes 2 adhesive strips for extra stability. Don't forget to add to your tableware and party decor with coordinated solid or patterned paper plates, napkins, cups, guest towels, plastic cutlery, cupcake displays, candy and punch bowls, centerpieces, decorative banners, paper tissue lanterns, foil and glitter garlands, hanging danglers and other decorations. Creative Converting can more than accommodate all your party and event needs.

How to Blow up b coddle A Round Fitted Vinyl Tablecloth

This video is for a accommodating fitted tablecloth for everyday and holidays.

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Lot of 72 Plastic Tablecloth Clips Tablecover Party Picnic Clamps 3/598
Lot of 72 Plastic Tablecloth Clips Tablecover Party Picnic Clamps 3/598

Home & Outdoor

Plastic2" x 1" thickClear/TranslucentClips fit banquet tables up to 1" thickTablecloth not included72 pcs per unitEverybody loves an outdoor party on a clear, sunny day under a bright blue sky. But sometimes, nature doesn't want to cooperate and winds can get a little too gusty. That unsecured table dressing can lift up and launch your refreshments towards the sky, just like someone who's not to skilled in the old tablecloth magic trick. Don't let your party provisions go airborne; these plastic tablecloth clips will keep everything battened down should the wind decide to pick up. Clips are clear translucent plastic and easily hook onto table edges measuring 1" thick. Purchase includes 72 clear plastic clips.


Plastic Tablecloth Clips Table Cloth Clamps Holders White 50mm Thickness 4pcs
Plastic Tablecloth Clips Table Cloth Clamps Holders White 50mm Thickness 4pcs

Home & Outdoor

4 Plastic Table Cloth Clips For Table Covers/ Table Skirts/ White Clamp Great For Parties/Picnics/Weddings And More! Versatile clip fits most banquet tables cover, clothes. It is convenient for wedding, parties, holidays etc. Easy on, easy off. Easy attachment to your table cover.


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Patio Covers Suppliers serving Southern California - 03/02/15, via

Exclusively manufacturer of vinyl patio table covers ... are also available in various shapes & sizes including drape & fitted styles. Patio covers are elbow with table skirting, tablecloths, padding & matching table napkins. Covers can be silk screened ...

How to Do The whole kit Faster - 02/20/15, via Men's Health

With all but the trash cleared, push paper napkins, crumbs, glitter, and other debris to the center of the tablecloths. 2 ... furniture into the center of the room and cover it with plastic. Then lay drop-off cloths in a 4-foot-wide swath around ...

Biodegradable Plastic Table Cloths Suppliers located in South Carolina - 02/14/15, via

inventory size. Plastic covers with all over step & repeated print design also available with sizes available including 54 in. x 54 in., 54 in. x 108 in., 65 in. x 108 in., 65 in. x 132 in. & 65 in. x 156 in. Maker of flat or fitted disposable plastic ...


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The pazaar
The pazaar
When I beginning arrived in Kurdzhali in the summer of 2007, the pazaar was a enormous collection of little stalls and shops in a muddy plain next to the Arda river, roofed with dirty plastic tarps. You could buy an enormous amount of stuff there, from fruits and vegetables grown in the surrounding countryside to homemade honey, clothes and shoes made in Bulgaria and China, cooking vessels, toys and any handful of other household goods. There were also several "skara" (grill) places that served kebapche and kyufte (different types of meat patties) along with bread, beer and muted drinks. Seven years on, most of that is gone, and now the pazaar has been moved into a nice, new EU-funded shelter. Gone is the riot of random odds-and-ends: the only things i saw at the new pazaar for tag sale were food stuffs. It made me sad, because it was a joy wandering through the market and seeing all the random odds and ends that people had brought forth to sell. I reminisce over and old Bulgarian...
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Bunting and other decorations
Bunting and other decorations
I'm fetching my wheelchair bound mother to a seaside wedding on Saturday. My daughter suggested that "we" decorate the wheelchair, so I found myself elected to create some bunting today ( the day before I pure the purchase of my new house!). I cut up a plastic tablecloth to make the bunting and found the two plastic windmills in a toy shop. She is going to have a fitting "chariot" for the wedding.
Photo by scrappy annie on Flickr
register covers, tablecloths, plastic, stay put Stay put
register covers, tablecloths, plastic, stay put Stay put
Globate Vinyl Tablecloths::fitted and elasticized tablecloths
Globate Vinyl Tablecloths::fitted and elasticized tablecloths
Expendable plastic fitted tablecloths. Buffet enhancements
Expendable plastic fitted tablecloths. Buffet enhancements
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