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100' X 40" Light Pink Gingham Tablecloth Roll - Party Tableware & Table Covers

by Jeirles Wholesale
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  • Plastic
  • Re-usable
  • Light Pink Gingham Tablecloth Roll

Product description

Light Pink Gingham Tablecloth Roll. When you're gearing up for picnics, BBQs or any summer celebration, there's nothing better to set your table with than our array of Gingham party supplies! Indoors or out, this large plastic Light Pink Gingham Tablecloth Roll is the perfect way to decorate any table. Durable, yet disposable plastic helps keep your table protected from messes and accidental spills while giving you the ease of quick and simple clean up so you can focus on the rest of your party.

BalsaCircle 60x102" Gingham Checkered Polyester Tablecloth - Rose Quartz Pink and White

by BalsaCircle
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  • Perfect for weddings, receptions, parties, catered presentations, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, candy buffets, dessert tables and more.
  • Take advantage of our special offers and discounts. No coupon code required.
  • Pair this with other BalsaCircle decorations, such as backdrops, chair covers, centerpieces, lighting, DIY craft supplies and fabrics.

Product description

Dress up your tables with our lovely Brand New Checkered Polyester Rectangular Tablecloths!

Great for everyday, perfect for special occasions or events when you need an extra table, this tablecloth beautifully dresses up your not-so-beautiful table - in an instant. Simple, practical elegance is your solution for transforming ugly duckling of a table into a chic place to serve.
Available in a variety of colors.

1 piece, seamless design.
Approximate Measurements:
Width - 60 inch.
Length - 102 inch.
Material: 100% Polyester, stain and wrinkle resistant.
Edges are folded and then hemmed.
PLEASE NOTE: The colors of products when viewed on your computer monitor may appear different than the actual color of the merchandise. We make every attempt to give you a good representation of the available colors for each product sold, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact match. Dye lot variance of 1 to 2 shades is considered normal.

Gingham Best Cherries Tablecloth & Napkins Set - Retro Redheads

Barb from Retro Redheads here. Another faithful item from Nana A. 's hoosier cabinet awaits.

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I was wearing my new risqu Gingham shirt - £8 from Primark – for work, but the little one wasn’t a fan. She took one disparaging look at my garb and remarked: “You look like you’re dressed as a hokum tablecloth.”

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It started its lifetime as the Polly Ann Restaurant in the middle of blue-collar auto shops and gas stations. You can almost see the gingham tablecloths and smell the spaghetti. When it became the Covered Wagon in 1968 and turned gay, it was still a restaurant ...

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♡ timely birthday to me! (annual birthday cake photo) ♡
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Photo by Shandi-lee on Flickr
Generation pink Gingham Tablecloth
Generation pink Gingham Tablecloth
pink gingham tablecloth 54 x 54 sticks farmhouse check gingham pink ...
pink gingham tablecloth 54 x 54 sticks farmhouse check gingham pink ...
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