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Turkish Tablecloth Polyester Table Linen, Stain Resistant, Wrinkle free, Non-Iron, Dust-proof, Heavy Duty, Oblong, Square, Round – Table cover for Wedding, Party, Gift (BLUE, Rectangular 60"x84")

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  • DECORATE your table. Holiday table linen for Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings, or any family party or occasion. A really festive table is impossible without an elegant tablecloth. The tablecloth is heavy-duty and made for regular use.
  • Turkish Quality. The Turkish dining table tablecloths from AHOLTA DESIGN are made in Turkey from a high-quality material. This polyester is spill and spot-proof, easy to wash and doesn't need ironing (please check reviews listing). The round, square, and rectangle tablecloths are machine washable.
  • Choose a suitable SIZE AND FORM. The polyester Turkish tablecloths can be bought in 12 variants. Round - 50", 60", 70'', 84", square - 40"x40" (topper), 52"х52", 60"x60", 70"x70", and rectangular - 52"х70", 60"х84", 60"х104", 60"х120" and 60"х140". You'll be able to choose a luxurious and ideal tablecloth for your dining table. Spill-proof.

Product description

Decorate your holiday or dining room table with a beautiful white Turkish tablecloth from AHOLTA DESIGN, made with high quality, high-tech fabric and elegant design. A family holiday dinner on Thanksgiving, Christmas, a birthday or a wedding becomes more festive if you decorate the table with a designer cloth. Use Turkish tablecloths for parties, or with the help of such beautiful table linen, turn even an ordinary supper into a festive one. Creating a holiday atmosphere is so easy, so why not do it more often?

Made in Turkey. Turkish textiles are famous all over the world because of their high quality. See for yourself! Polyester – the most suitable and heavy-duty material for tablecloths. Our tablecloths are stain resistant, practical to use and durable. Easy to wash. Machine washable and no ironing is required. Ideal for  Xmas, Thanksgiving or any occasion when spots on the tablecloth are inevitable.

We offer 12 sizes from which you’ll definitely find the ideal table linen for your dining table. The following models available:

  • Round 50", 60", 70”, 84"
  • Rectangular 52”х70”, 60”х84”, 60”х104”, 60”х120”, and 60”х140”
  • Square  topper 40"x40", 52”х52”, 60"x60", 70"x70"

An ideal gift for friends or relatives on any holiday! The modern rectangular, square and round tablecloths are a stylish and useful gift which is necessary for every home. Low cost and high quality – a great combination!

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Violet Linen Majestic Damask Design Tablecloth, 60" x 140", Beige

by Violet Linen
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  • 100Percent polyester
  • Kitchen accessory is accented with a border of gold fringe
  • Machine washable, imported

Product description

Available in white. Beige and gold color options, available in 52 inch x 70 inch oblong, 60 inch by 84 inch oblong, 60 inch by 102 inch oblong, 60 inch by 120 inch oblong, 60 inch by 140 inch oblong, 90 inch round, 60 inch by 160 inch oblong