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Maison d' Hermine Colmar 100% Cotton Tablecloth 54 - inch by 72 - inch.

by Maison d' Hermine
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  • Designed in Europe. 100% Cotton Tablecloth and Machine washable
  • Package Includes: 1 Tablecloth. Available Tablecloth Shapes: Square, Rectangle & Round. Products shown in the group image should be purchased separately.
  • Tailored with care, this Colmar tablecloth from Maison d' Hermine is ideal for both formal & casual settings and makes a great gift for all occasions.

Product description

About the Product: The table cloth from the 'Colmar' collection comes in the signature watercolor style of 'Maison d' Hermine' with prints of beautiful spring flowers in varied colors. The fresh white cloth is bordered with flowers swaying in the wind. A rectangle of flowers in the middle form the focal point of this table cloth. Printed on 100% cotton fabric, this table cloth also has a beautiful drape.

About the Collection : This delicate collection is inspired by the beautiful town of Colmar, in the Northeast of France - also known as 'Little Venice. With its ancient houses and flower decked town center, this land of wines is idyllic. The 'Colmar' collection for 'Maison d' Hermine' captures the essence of this picturesque place with its dainty flower prints that glide on white cotton fabric."

About the Brand: Maison d' Hermine is a one-stop destination for people wanting a well-curated collection of charming and sophisticated table & kitchen linen.Designed to add an authentic European touch to your home, each collection is a work in art itself with intriguing details, artistic patterns, wonderful textures and rich colors. From modern themes to timeless classics each design is meticulously hand painted in water color and then expertly crafted down to the last detail on fabric with print. We pride ourselves on the stylish and practical choices we offer which are devoted to bring you products that inject color and character to your home."

Table Runner Linen Textured 13 x 72 inch Scroll Pattern Decorative Burlap Tablecovers Rustic Floral Design Handcrafted Flax Tablecloths, Taupe

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  • Package Include: : 1pcs table runner that measures 13 inch wide by 72 inch length.

Product description


Handmade Crochet Thong Tablecloth. 100% Cotton Crochet. Ecru 72 Inch X108 Inch Oblong. One piece


Handmade Crochet Twine Tablecloth. 100% Cotton Crochet. Ecru 72 Inch X108 Inch Oblong. One piece http://www. tag=uzumaki-20.

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de(tales): tablecloth

de(tales): tablecloth . Elizabeth and I met while in offerings to get our books signed at a Molly Wizenberg reading. She is one of my only Twitter friends that I met in person before meeting online. In a world of missed connections, it was such a gift to handle her, and to get to keep her as a friend. I know you’ll enjoy this lovely de(tale). It just might make you cry (as it did me). . Several years after my Oma’s death, my mom gave me one of her mother’s tablecloths. My authentic-as-you-could-get German grandmother had scads of them, but I remembered this one well because it doubled as a guest book. Before friends arrived at Oma’s small home and sat in her cozy kitchen, she set the table with a white linen fabric patterned with cheerful flowers. Before guests left, she handed them a pen to sign and date an open space. Later that day or week, she carefully embroidered over the names to father a lasting account of her visitors that would survive the wash. The tablecloth was as much a testament to her gift of embroidery as it was to her hospitality and desire for friendship in building a new life: after her husband died, she replete up the house they shared in for 40 years and headed west, from... That’s when the tablecloth began. A handful of their names are stitched across the flowers – Lenore and Barney, from next door, and George and Martha, from across the avenue. There’s the signature of the young man, Richard, whom she invited for coffee after noticing that he sat alone at church. Next to that, the couple who joined us for Christmas dinner during their first year in Boise, having no relatives within 500 miles. My name is there, too, in my 4-year-old handwriting, as are those of my siblings and parents, my cousins, uncle and aunt. And here are the names of all the women with whom she played Sunday afternoon index card games. Among dozens and dozens of others. Looking at this tablecloth, I see so much effort in every inch. So many friendships, so many planned and impromptu invitations, so much embroidery. This tablecloth was a painstaking and visual display of connection, a display of extended family, and a poignant reminder that though she lived alone, Oma’s life was full. I’d never really thought much about the effort until I tried to start one of these things for my own victuals – though because I couldn’t imagine filling a whole tablecloth, I opted for just a table runner. I christened it at a dinner party a few years ago and had each of the six guests sign it at the end of the evening. I took about a week to start embroidering any of it, and have yet to embroider the few names I’ve gotten since. If anything, it looks like someone got bored and started doodling on the linen. And because the people I invite over are oft the ones who have already signed it, I usually forget to take it out at all. As the dates on the signatures venture into the late 1990s, I see the change in Oma’s embroidery as her eyesight became worse, and a enumerate of signatures that were left unstitched. These memories turn bittersweet as I remember our last moments with her in her nursing home, in a room without a table to which she could invite her friends. When my mom mailed me the shoebox with the tablecloth folded neatly arranged, my eyes welled up when I saw Oma’s needle and thread still pierced through the fabric of her ever-unfinished project, threaded with the red floss she began using to... I radical the coziness of her tiny kitchen long ago, but in so many ways I never left that table. My name, stitched alongside these hundreds of others, represents a under age point in an intentionally woven network, with stories of joy and hardship connecting us. We need each other. When I think about reasons to gather friends together and excuses not to, I prompt myself that one of the greatest convictions in life may not just be that we are loved, as Victor Hugo said, but that we’re not alone. The table is set – or maybe it’s not. I take up my needle and stitch, knowing it takes point to build, knowing it is worth the effort, knowing I will never finish. As a freelancer, she’s worked on commemorative books for your coffee table and reviews.

Source: Cara Strickland | Little Did She Know
Wipe Clean PVC Tablecloth Cover Water-resistant 54 x 72 Inch Elegant Plaid
Wipe Clean PVC Tablecloth Cover Water-resistant 54 x 72 Inch Elegant Plaid

Home & Outdoor

Wipe Clean PVC Tablecloth Cover Water-resistant 54 x 72 Inch Elegant Plaid


Wipe Clean PVC Tablecloth Cover Water-resistant 54 x 72 Inch Polka Dot
Wipe Clean PVC Tablecloth Cover Water-resistant 54 x 72 Inch Polka Dot

Home & Outdoor

Wipe Clean PVC Tablecloth Cover Water-resistant 54 x 72 Inch Polka Dot


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