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PartyDelight Sequin Tablecloth, Round, 50", Silver

by PartyDelight
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  • PROFESSIONAL SEWING: Edges are folded and then hemmed
  • Tablecloth shown in the picture is 120inch and make sure size skimming description
  • REUSING PACKAGE: Each order is for one sequin tablecloth with delicated packaging

Product description


This is the perfect thing for holiday parties, wedding, or any occasion when you might want to add a little sparkle or glamour.

Use it for cake tables, specialty events, or anywhere we need some color and texture. The use of this beautiful sparkling, sequin tablecloth is only limited by your imagination. Our sequin is very dense so creates more sparkle and shiny affect and we hand-cut to exactly size or little bit more to give you more rooms but never short as most of competitor did.



There will be seams when the width is OVER 50", 4ft, but don't worry seams will not shown in the middle.

Because the fabric is only manufactured to a certain size, but don't worry we will do our best to make it even and barely noticeable.


Be sure to check the size.The photo is a 120inch tablecloth, which is bigger than the actual tablecloth you choose like 50", 70" or 90". That sizes tablecloth run smaller than the pictures show.

First you have to know your table size and high, for example if your table is 40 inches round and high is 30 inches, then 40 + 30*2 =100 (table size plus the drop on both side), so you at least need 100 inches to touch the floor. If you want half way down to the floor, you need 40 + 15*2 =70 inches.


Usually we ship by China EMS with 7-15 days If need urgent order, please contact us via email and choose expedited shipping in 3-5 days.

Normally, it takes 7days, but for smaller city it can take up to 15 days. If you still have questions about shipping time, please contact us before ordering.


All the pictures we took is come from real tablecloth we sold, we never copy somewhere else, so it should be very close. In the picture which a hand handed the tablecloth, the color is mostly close.

Aothpher Modern Boho Floral Jacquard Washable Round Tablecloths Sunflower with Lace for Round Table, Diameter 47 Inches

by Aothpher
Price: $24.00 Buy Now

  • Made of 50% Jute and 50% Linen
  • Measures 47 inches diameter, long enough for most table
  • Make a beautiful way to dress up your home, use alone or with coordinating table runner and placemats for an elegant display, hand wash, easy machine wash, easy care.

Product description

Our tablecloths come in a variety of patterns & sizes. These tablecloths are perfect for picnics, parties, showers, dinners, everyday use and more. It is designed to be durable, wrinkle and stain resistant, and can be laundered countless times.Make a beautiful way to dress up your home, use alone or with coordinating table runner and placemats for an elegant display, hand wash, easy machine wash, easy care.

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